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Stockmen's Source is the joint bull marketing venture of Broken Bar M Ranch & Chrisman Family Cattle. Please visit either ranch page below for complete details on the cattle we use in our program. Semen is available on most bred and owned bulls. Please inquire for pricing and availability!

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February 4, 2023 Bull Sale

Jeremy & Gail Martin Ranch
35 Miles Southwest of North Platte, NE

12:00 noon - bulls available for viewing
3:00 pm CST - Cowboy Auction

Selling 150 18-24 month old beef bulls
(Angus, SimAngus - some suitable for virgin heifers)


2023 Bull Sale Catalog


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Our interview with Working Ranch Radio Show

We Value Your Business

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5% discount if you bought a bull last year
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Introducing: CCR STOCKMAN 8033E

Broken Bar M Ranch Chrisman Family Cattle

Our bulls are produced with 3 guiding principles in order to maximize value for customer.

Carefully Bred
Our mission is to provide our customers with trouble-free beef genetics that are profitable and low risk. To this end we strive to produce fertile, easy fleshing cattle with muscle and performance. Our cows are expected to calve easily, have strong mothering instincts, re-breed in a 45-day season and raise a heavy, healthy calf year after year. We do not believe in trimming feet, milking out cows, or putting up with disposition problems – we do not have time for it and doubt you do either. Furthermore, we remain focused on maintaining feedlot performance and packer acceptability. While we may not use all of the trendy new bulls, you can be assured the genetics we provide will be time-tested and have met our approval. We expect the daughters of our bulls to perform for you as the bulls mothers have for us, and we expect their steer progeny to be good-doing feeder cattle that generate a lot of buyer interest. Simply stated, our genetics are designed to save you time, labor, and headaches and make you more money.
Correctly Developed
In keeping with our belief that problems are a waste of time, we strive to develop these bulls in a manner which will insure their libido, soundness, and longevity through years of service. They have never been creep-fed. We emphasize grazing the bulls whenever possible. If dry lot is a must, we grow the bulls on high-roughage, low-starch rations with adequate protein and energy to have them ready to breed cows - but without getting them too fat. Recent research conducted by Dr. Rick Funston, UNL, proves that longevity of heifers increases with more extensive development programs and we believe the same is likely true for bulls. Having developed our heifers this way for over 10 years, we can certainly attest to the value of this type of system. We know these bulls will tend to business because we use them ourselves, and because we hear from you that the bulls are high-libido breeding bulls that get the job done. We expect them to lose some weight during the breeding season, but they won’t simply melt, they will work it off breeding cows - and more importantly they will last a long time.
Completely Guaranteed
Our guarantee is simple, we stand behind the genetics and breeding soundness of our bulls 100% for the first breeding season. If a genetic issue surfaces or if the bull is unable to settle cows you get full credit, a replacement bull or your money back. If the loss is due to gross negligence or an act of God (lightning) we are not responsible. Please notify us of any issues or potential issues as soon as possible after they occur. If you ask our past customers I think you will find that we have been very fair and easy to work with in this regard.

Whether you are a valued past customer or looking at our bulls for the first time we want to thank you for your consideration. If you would like to discover more about the cattle that made Stockmen's Source Beef Bulls, please check out our web sites abovefor more information and photos.

We want to be your SOURCE for problem free, profit focused beef bulls.